Local residents

We aim to be an increasingly active and supportive member of the wider Patchway community, and to make positive contributions however we can. We also encourage you to stop by and see what we’re up to – and even get involved.


Of course, film and TV productions are typically ‘top secret’, and our clients are understandably conscious of security and confidentiality while filming at Patchway Studios. But when the opportunity arises, we offer neighbours a ‘behind the scenes’ look at a production set.

For obvious reasons, we’ll ask that you sign a non-disclosure agreement, and we do not allow phones, tablets, laptops or any other recording or capturing devices on the tour.

To be notified of upcoming tour opportunities, please get in touch.

We look forward to showing you around!

Opportunities at Patchway Studios

We are keen to support local film industry suppliers and crew where we can. If you’ve got an enquiry about jobs with our productions or the possibility of supplier contracts, please list your services on the Filming in England databases for crew and suppliers. This is where we direct our clients for finding local support.

You could also reach out to the production company directly. We receive a lot of enquiries so unfortunately we cannot hold or forward details of job enquiries or suppliers directly to our clients. But please sign up to our email newsletter for notifications about upcoming production activity at our studio.